Welcome to MatriXz Studios
Author Attila Szatmari
This portfolio is for my game developement career. I live in denmark and work on many game projects, by myself in my spare time. These games can be seen in their current state here on this site.
My expertise is game mechanics and code heavy concepts. I like to think up crazy mechanics and have fun implementing them.
I would like to find people who want to help. Or employ me, my ideas and skills are going to waste while im working alone. Such big projects take forever to make alone.
So head on over to my About page, and contact me if you like what you see.
Enjoy - yours truely - MatriXz
Last Updated 3rd jan 2021
Galaxy Assault
Imagine if an all powerful ancient race created an AI to control its military forces in space. Imagine if that AI became hostile to the concept of life.
You will assume the role of the commander who is tasked with the defense of our galaxy from this AI threat. Assemble your team, build up your production, research new technologies and fight the incoming threats.
But you are not alone. You will discover other civilizations in our galaxy, who are also fighting for survival.....
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Builder Game
Have you ever wanted to create life, put it on an uninhabited planet and play with the evolution of the life you created?
Help them design their cities, help them survive dangers and threats from the surrounding world. Guide them to new inventions and research. Watch them while they think they are alone?
Here is your chance, this game will allow you to do all of that.
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Scroller Game
You have stolen the nuclear codes of the Natan empire, and are now fleeing their country in a fighter plane.
But the Natan army is right on your tail, and they will stop at nothing to stop you from leaving their country, with the stole codes.
Fight and survive the ongoing onslaught that is heading towards you, your life depends on it.
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