Welcome to MatriXz Studios
Author Attila Szatmari
This site is my portfolio for my game developement career. I live in denmark and work on 2 games atm. These games can be seen in their "preview" state here on this site.
My expertise is game mechanics and code heavy concepts. Most of my ideas are huge games that could be considered AAA grade. Yet with me working alone, they may never be completed.
So that is why YOU were invited to visit this page. Look at my creations (sofare), and see what you could be a part of. Or if you are an employer, then you will see what kind of great game ideas could be part of YOUR company.
Enjoy - yours truely - MatriXz
Builder Game
This game concept comes from the tv series "Stargate Atlantis", from the episode "The Game". They each control a country on a planet of humans, and can dictate what the evolution should be for these people.
The idea is to simulate aliens creating life on a planet, and guiding their evolution from the Stone-Age all the way to Space-Age. With everything in between being completely up to the player.
The characters of this game are 100% AI controlled, and cannot be selected or directly commanded, but instead the player needs to monitor the population and lure the characters to locations of interest.
The characters build buildings from blueprints that they discover. Those blueprints are created by the player, Via a Building Editor. Since the game is made of voxels and looks alot like a minecraft world seen from a RTS point of view, the buildings can also be created as a minecraft like block placement system.
Although I have made alot of none Cube shapes to compensate for the very cubelike design.
Building Editor - Placing blocks, doors, windows, etc
The Building Editor is an easy way to design buildings, that later can be built by the Game's AI.
Each building has a "level" and some subsections on each level. A subsection is a row of blocks / windows / doors / stairs etc.
You select a block type to place from the menus, either by using the keyboard or clicking their icons. Some of the shapes have an "Orientation", that can be set via the orientation buttons on the right menu, or by using ctrl+ the arrow keys.
Placing a block is simply positioning the "preview" block where you want a block placed, and clicking the left mouse button. Right mouse button removes a block of the same type from where the preview block is located.
Building Editor - Navigating the levels and basement
In the editor whenever you press + (plus) on the numpad, the preview block goes UP one subsection. When you reach the top of a level and press + you go UP a level. Minus will go DOWN a subsection or level.
If you are currently working on level 1 and you have already placed blocks on level 2 or above, the above levels will be displayed semi transparent, so you can see what you are doing on the lower level.
Rotating, zooming and panning the camera can be done in many ways, using ctrl, shift and the mouse buttons in different combinations.
This video demonstrates an example building, that has a basement, 2 levels and a roof. The basement has a different shape and size compared to the rest of the levels, to demonstrate that your building does not need to obay the laws of physics.
AI Construction of buildings
The game itself (sofare) is a test scene, where there are 5 AI character. The only thing they can do sofare, is to establish a construction site with a blueprint from an archive. And then pick up blocks from a block Pile, and place them.
The AI system is very agile. It has some variables for the pathfinder, and a Task queue. The only thing the programmer needs to do, is to create basic tasks, such as "Walk" or "pickUp block". Then put them together into activitis.
The path is precalculated before the character moves, so that is why they sometimes seem to walk into the already existing blocks. Those blocks didnt exist when their path was calculated. A work in progress.
The transition between the terrain into a building is a little hard, since the terrain is made in world coordinates, and the buildings are a separete set of blocks, not related to the terrain, so the transition requires some calculation. But the whole thing need to run smoothly with 1000+ characters, which is where most the work is in this game.
Builder Game Conclusion
The game needs alot of work, such as:
  • A procedually generated terrain, with hills, rivers and mountains. All of which should be interactable by the AI.
  • Then the game needs a nature addon, with trees, bushes, rocks and harvestable objects. Adding actual resources that grow and get depleted.
  • Animals and other active creatures for the nature feeling. Where the animals can attack your people, and also be used as food or pets.
  • The player controls and all that the player should be able to do. Real gameplay stuff.
Also, all the modelling, sounds, images, GUI, Settings, etc etc.
Galaxy Wars
This game is set in an alternativ version of earths history, where the human race has just recently discovered space travel. They quickly meet an all powerfull alien race, that seems to be in trouble and require our help.
Humanity needs to develope their space traveling abilities and technology, with some help from this advanced alien race. So you can battle the Alien Machine Race, that is wiping out these benevolent beings.
So the concept of this game is a multiplayer game, combined of many different good ideas of many great games. Its meant to be a strategy game, that is based in a MMO world, filled with players with similar goals.
So there will be a main storyline campaign against the Machine race (no name yet), ultimately helping the Ancient alien race (also no name yet) with shutting down the Machine overmind, so the galaxy will not be destroyed.
But at the same time, you will battle other players simultaniously for resources, power, Alliances and pvp content.
The Game will come with a Space ship Editor, where you can modify your ships in your attack fleet, fit them with items and gadgets. There will be item drops, of many qualities (think WoW itemisation). And theres going to be ship designs, that can be aquired from battles, missions and through trade on a Auction house like feature.
The Pvp aspect has many different gamestyles. Imagine that the player isnt online when someone attacks their base. In this case you will battle an Automated defence grid, designed by the defender, in the style of the game "Mighty Quest for Epic Loot".
But if the player is online and accepts the battle challenge, they will fight it out in a Starcraft 2 like RTS match. The campaign will feature alot of different gamestyles such as cockpit shooters, old Arcade style space shooters or regular RTS battle types.
The point is to make an overall space adventure action RTS style game. Fun for every type of player.
Sci-fi Design
Sofare the game has 4 scenes, the space battle scene, auto land battle, galaxy overview and solar system.
The image also show an inventory button. This is going to be your global inventory of Ships, ship attachments, raw materials, etc. These items will be used many places in the game, and can be traded on an auction house. (one day).
Space battles
The game has 3 fases of combat, the first is space battle. This is where space ships of different kinds will battle eachother in different play style.
In one play style you will control a group of cruiser / battleship sized units, with fighters swarming around in a "Star Wars Empire at War" kind of play style.
Another play style will be like when Luke Skywalker was trying to fire torpedoes into the Deathstar vents. Flying in that narrow corridor of the Deathstar, with turrets shooting, and such.
Lasttly there will be a space battle where you need to assault a planetary shield base, to gain access to the planet surface, for land battles.
Second phase of a combat is to assault the land forces of the enemy. This is explained in the auto battle section.
Finally once you defeated the enemy defences you can choose to capture the planet, which creates a FPS commando infiltration play style, where you hafto take control of the central control room, so your space forces can land on the planet and assume control.
One way the design of the autobattle could be.
The these are auto generated atm, but later it will be an editor.
Auto Land Battle Map Concept
The Automated Land Battles are a player's pre-made land defences against incoming enemy player attacks. This happens when You (the player) aren't not online or choose to not fight an enemy player's incoming attack.
What you see in the images are just muckup test stuff for programming purposes. The final product should be proper 3D Models with details, made by someone gifted in modelling.
Each room, bridge or endpoint has some Turret slots (green circles), on which the defender can place automated turrets for resources. Also the defender can place troops all around the place, to help take out the incoming attackers.
The player can place rooms, bridges and endpoints together in any pattern they want. Up to a limit on how many of each that can be placed ofc.
Finally the finishline and startpoint for the attackers will be added. And whenever the Attacker engages one of these automated battles, he uses his handfull of hero like special troops to defeat this challenge. If he fails (loses his troops, or runs out of time) then the defender earns rewards from the scrap left behind by the attacker's dead troops.
Ofc if the Attacker wins, he gets rewards and some options of what to do next. E.g. capture planet, plunder resources, etc
The galaxy view
The galaxy is a big place, and theres many stars in it. Many of those have planets. Lots of those planets are habitable or can be terraformed. But to give the galaxy view a "real space like" feel to it, I made it like you can see in the video.
The stars with colored cicles around them, are stars with habitable or terraformable planets. White circles are neutral, either no inhabitants or other races control it. Green are your own, Yellow are allies, Red are the enemy.
Hovering the mouse over a star, loads data about the starsystem, and give you a button to view the star system up close.
Sofare the data is just dummy data, and needs to be filled in when there are data to show.
The star system view, will display the star, and all its planets with their orbits, asteriods and many more possibilites. This will be where you will manage your planets.
Galaxy Wars Conclusion
The game needs alot of work, such as:
  • Many space battle scenarios of different play styles added, tested and balanced.
  • Land battle for pvp, land battle for Auto combat finished with several play styles. Also with transition cinematics.
  • Galaxy and Star system views fully furnished with rotating planets, moons, asteroids, nebula, other star types etc.
  • Alot of Game models and textures for the GUI. This game is less programming than Builder Game, and alot more modelling and fiddling with graphics.
Dont forget the Sounds, settings and storytelling / cinematics.