Real Team Experiences

I started engaging in social activities with other fellow game enthusiasts, back in late 2018. The reason why I never did this before then, was that I had a full time job as a web developer for 6 years, following the conclusion of my Bachelor in software development. None of my friends are interested in development, or have the skills for it. So I realized that if I want to further my career in the gaming industry, I must find likeminded friends and colleagues. So I started signing up for Game Jams, and together we made these two games:

Game jam 2019 - Dinosause

Game jam 2020 - Trash Quest

My role was always the programmer with the algorithmic experience. Like Dinosause is AI heavy, so I made the AI because I had the experience. In the Trash Quest I was in charge of health, item drops and the inventory.

Private projects

The projects from the project folder are just the ones from my Unity experience. I Also worked on a bomberman clone using XNA 4, while I was studying my bachelors. Before then I made a clone of the old DOS game Warlords, using only java and no plugins. (I didn't know any better yet). But mostly I've been working as a web developer full time.

If you want to read more about my experiences as a developer, you can download my latest PDF CVs here:

PDF: CV - Danish

PDF: CV - English

Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy

I want to work with games, don't care if it's my own project or someone else's. But I need your help, my dream requires a job, or a team of likeminded people who wants to work with me. I'm hoping you will like what you see on this site, and contact me on the email seen in the footer below.