Galaxy Assault
Galaxy Assault
This game is one of my oldest ideas, dating back to when I first started my computer science education. The concept has changed many times over the years, and the level of challenge with it.
The game will have a story, driven by the core principal that an unstoppable Alien-AI-Overmind (think Skynet or the AI from the Matrix movies) is quickly destroying all life in countless galaxies all over the universe.
An ancient race of aliens approach the yet very young space faring humans of earth with some help, so we can start build up a defense against the coming threat.
The game features Player versus AI in a campaign style single player experience, where the player learns to play the game, and unlocks all the technology and builds up an economy.
Then at a specific point in the player's single player experience the game suddenly opens up for PvP encounters also. The never ending AI attacks continue though, but now other players will also be a factor.
There will be guilds and large scale Alliances fighting each other for dominance, while each player battles the AI on a daily basis, and occasionally engages in large Alliance sized battles, both versus the AI threat and of course other alliances.
There will be colonization of planets for resources, scavenging old ruins of long dead civilizations, both in space and on the planets. Convoy defenses, asteroid harvesting, space and land battles.
The project will be huge, but it's the most fun project I have ever worked on. I will need artists for both graphics, models and sounds eventually, but for now I'm focusing on functionality and gameplay.