Builder Game
Builder Game
This game started out as a project for trying to create an AI system for my future games. And also to play with terrain creation and path finding.
I decided to create a Minecraft style voxel based map. And while doing so, build an AI that mimicked the old game called Knights and Merchants. Once I succeeded in mimicking that games' AI and gameplay, I chose to continue and make it more challenging.
The idea came to me when I was out sunbathing near a beautiful lake. Instead of having buildings with an animated build sequence, why not make the AI characters build an actual building, block for block. And in the process allow the player to design those buildings, in an editor.
The new concept became a Sim City style game, but where each building block would be placed by the characters, and each character in the game would have personality and interact with other characters.
The need for a very conservative and performance efficient AI system is very much needed for this project. The challenge is welcomed and I enjoy playing around with different ideas on this. So fare I can have 50 characters running back and forth as you can see in the video above.